Recently facial fillers have become the next most popular cosmetic treatment after Botox. Fillers are injected to increase volume in the cheeks, nasolabial folds, lips, and other areas.

While many cosmetic patients are now having facial fillers along with their Botox, having multiple injections may cause some discomfort. The fear of pain from an injection may even stop some individuals from using fillers, even though they want the results.

Using a topical numbing cream prior to injection can make a treatment easier for both the patient and the doctor. Being able to advertise the painlessness of a procedure can be a great selling point for injectors. But what is the best numbing cream for fillers? And how can you get it?

A Randomized Controlled Trial of Three Noninvasive Analgesic Techniques for the Prevention of Pain During Facial Injections published in Aesthetic Surgery Journal, 04 January 2020 demonstrates which topical analgesic methods work best for facial Injectables.

ᔕᑕIEᑎᑕE ᔕᗩYᔕ:

This randomized, single-blind, controlled trial comprised 100 healthy volunteers. Every subject received 4 forehead injections of 0.1 ml physiological saline through 29G needles, after 1 of 3 noninvasive analgesic techniques (cold, vibration, or anesthetic cream) or control treatment was applied to each injection site.


•All analgesic methods demonstrated better pain control than the no-treatment arm (p<0.001), of which, vibration performed better than the other analgesic techniques (p<0.015 vs cold and p<0.015 vs anesthetic cream).
•No differences were observed between cold and anesthetic cream.
•The average amount of pain per injection in males was higher compared with females (p<0.014).

Are you surprised with the results?

The bottom line… We give our patients the most pain-free experience at our office.