Why am I so confident when I say that medical aesthetic facilities that are led by plastic surgeons and dermatologists are far more safe than your average med spa? That’s because I’ve got science on my side!

Because unqualified Medspa providers may use misleading advertising and language to claim that they offer dermatologic care, finding someone who is truly qualified to perform cosmetic procedures can be a confusing process.

Here are a few fast facts about the Medspa industry that just may terrify you!

•At least 50 percent of medical spas operate illegally, according to the American Med Spa Association. This number is even higher here in Austin. That means you could really be putting yourself in danger with that suspiciously cheap Groupon for Botox or lip injections.

You may think your Botox is just fine, but if your “medspa” isn’t legal, you are at risk of receiving FAKE or diluted Botox, filler, etc. and your risk of health complications is 100% higher than at a core-trained physician’s office. BTW, 80% of the doctors that own and work in medical spas are non-core, meaning they are, frankly, inadequately trained in dermatologic and aesthetic medicine. Core= plastic surgery and dermatology.

•65% of medspas are not owned by a physician at all (illegal in Texas) and at least 70% of these spas fail to perform a proper initial assessment of the patients for basic safety.

•Up to 92% of derms and plastic surgeons have treated severe complications caused by a non-physician doing aesthetics, including missing/misdiagnosing skin cancers.

•82% of all complications occurred in facilities that had no direct (on-site) physician supervision.

•Studies found the most common complications – Laser burns and misplacement of a filler product – occurred when performed by non-physicians, which may reflect deficiencies in anatomy knowledge, injection technique and the selection of appropriate patient cases.

It’s the difference between 4 years of medical school and 4 to 7 years of residency versus beauty school.

Which would you choose?