When Dr. Sholar decided to become a plastic surgeon, she had the vision of providing not just an aesthetic surgery or treatment for her patients, but a complete support system where they could feel fulfilled. After 20 years in surgical practice and much soul searching, she realized that women need a better way to skin health- smarter skincare with scientific substance- but it’s just as much about the soul. She wanted to encourage women to reflect their beauty and strength within to the outside, and in turn, feel their most confident, sexy, and strong in their 30’s, 40’s, and beyond.  She wanted to give women Beauty With Substance in more than any medspa, thus Skin Science Soul was born.

Skin Science Soul Medical Aesthetics is where she merges all her knowledge and wisdom as a plastic surgeon with her life’s mission to empower women to feel confident and beautiful from the inside out.

The official mission and higher purpose:

To encourage each of our patients to live to their fullest potential, which is achieved when they take care of themselves and begin to see themselves as the beautiful beings they already are!

A Word from Dr. Sholar…

“When you see your reflection in the mirror, what do you tell yourself?  (Be honest.)

I want to serve up to you a new way to look at yourself… and I guarantee that where we are going together, you will never say those same old things to yourself or think those same old, tired self-shaming thoughts. I want you to see yourself through the eyes of God, as the beautiful woman you truly are!  We believe that each woman is naturally and uniquely beautiful.  We also understand that most people have insecurities that can hold them back in their life. Our purpose is to enhance your natural beauty and to give you the confidence that you need and deserve, letting your inner light shine on through! 

Now, let’s get started…

Love, DrS”


You will not leave here the same. You’ll see what we mean. Your confidence will blossom and your heart will bloom! 

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Meet Dr. Alina Sholar

Dr. Sholar is an Orange, Texas native who is proud to be a member of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas. She received her BS degree in Biomedical Science with Magna Cum Laude honors at Texas A&M University in 1994 and an MD degree from the University of Texas Medical Branch on a full tuition merit scholarship in 1999. She was there awarded the prestigious Janet M. Glasgow Memorial Award and Achievement Citation for Women in Medicine. She completed a full five-year residency, including Chief Resident, in General Surgery at the University of Louisville in 2004, where she was awarded Best Resident Instructor and Mentor by the students of the University of Louisville School of Medicine. This residency included fields such as Trauma Surgery, Transplant Surgery, Breast Surgery, Burn Surgery, and General Surgery.

She continued her study of surgery by completing an additional residency in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery at the University of Tennessee in 2006, including Hand Surgery, and board certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery in 2008. She received multiple awards and publications in research areas such as the efficacy of treatment at Tertiary Care Wound Centers and the advanced reconstructive techniques required after major facial trauma and infections. During her residency she participated in mission trips to Central America to perform cleft lip and cleft palate surgeries with the team at the Tennessee Craniofacial Center.

In addition to her more professional endeavors as a plastic surgeon, she is a medical illustrator and an accomplished professional artist, with personal artwork displayed in galleries and storefronts. Her medical artwork has been published in prestigious medical journals and textbooks such as the Annals of Plastic Surgery, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Journal, Annals of Surgical Oncology, and Cameron’s Current Surgical Therapy. This artistic talent and understanding of human anatomy is demonstrated in her ability to create beautiful and natural enhancements in cosmetic aesthetic surgery and advanced techniques in non-invasive injectable treatments.